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What’s in a Moldovan Supermarket?

While you can’t get everything you would have been able to find at home, you can get everything you need and more. While products like curry paste or Brie cheese or Dr.Pepper, are not available at a regular grocery store, you can find these products at some of the specialty stores in Moldova. Living in … Continue reading

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Mumbles and Thatches

During my time in Moldova, Paden and I frequently discussed starting a video series featuring some of our travels, hobbies and life in Moldova. One of the things Paden and I did in Moldova, to entertain ourselves and make sure we didn’t get into too many ruts, was to try new or unusual sodas, snacks, … Continue reading

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Finding Purpose after Peace Corps

My job search process started almost five months ago. I started to prepare resumes and cover letters in February, working to sum up my two years of Peace Corps into concise points. And then I began researching where I might like to work, compiling a list and starting to send some applications out. However I didn’t start applying … Continue reading

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Q & A: That Moldovan Life Pt. 2

The first of this series was published last month and answered some of the questions that a friend and blog follower felt were unanswered. Since then I’ve had a few of you reach out to me with some things you wanted to know and I’ve started to answer a few of them below. As before, … Continue reading

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Moldovan Interview Series: Nadia

This is the fifth in series of interviews, all about Volunteering being a two-way street. We hear the term V-squared, a lot during our training in Peace Corps, which stands for volunteers creating volunteers; and as Peace Corps Volunteers our goal is not simply to encourage volunteering in America, but also in the countries in … Continue reading

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Q & A: That Moldovan Life

This post is for one of my loyal readers, who had some questions about Moldova she didn’t feel I had answered over the last two years. I took some time to put together answers for these questions, which were surprising difficult and fun to answer! If any other readers want to know more about Moldova, … Continue reading

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The Sandbox Crew

Towards the end of my service I finally made some friends in my neighborhood. It was about four months before I left when they first spoke to me. I would see them for months, as soon as it wasn’t so cold outside, sitting at the picnic table, as I walked home from work, in the courtyard … Continue reading

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Moments of Impact

It has officially been one month since I ended my Peace Corps Service, but not an hour goes by where I don’t think about Moldova. In reflecting back on this time, I often think of moments during my service. During my Close of Service Conference we had a session titled, “Moment of Impact,” during which we … Continue reading

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Ringing the Bell

Three weeks ago today, Paden and I rang the bell at the Peace Corps office in Chisinau, Moldova. Ringing the bell is a tradition in Peace Corps Moldova, for when Peace Corps volunteers complete their service. For me the day, the day we rang the bell was a rushed blur, of forms, paperwork and eventually ending … Continue reading

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Karen comes to visit

The post below was written by my good friend Karen, after she came to visit Moldova (back in March). I feel very blessed that I have gotten to share my life and experience in Moldova with so many people from home, via this blog, email, skype and even with a few in person. Thank you … Continue reading

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