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Mumbles and Thatches

During my time in Moldova, Paden and I frequently discussed starting a video series featuring some of our travels, hobbies and life in Moldova. One of the things Paden and I did in Moldova, to entertain ourselves and make sure we didn’t get into too many ruts, was to try new or unusual sodas, snacks, foods etc. So if we saw a soda or food that looked unusual we made sure to buy it and try it together, and discuss our thoughts on it.

Even though we talked for almost a year about starting a web series, we didn’t actually begin filming episodes until the last few months of our service. Paden then edited them and now we’ve got a few webisodes, from Moldova, Israel and post Peace Corps.

The name of the series is Mumbles and Thatches, for our nicknames. Paden’s is Mumbles because of his habit of mumbling and for a character from a Guy Ritchie film and Thatches, for Margaret Thatcher, which was my nickname, for being ‘the iron lady.’

Below there are a few from the series of Taste Moldova:




Not sure when we’ll be filming more, but for now we’ve got quite a few.


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