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Best Eats: Beer Snacks Roundup

In Moldova it is uncommon to simply go to a bar and have a beer without ordering or being presented with at least some type of food to nosh on.

While there is the usual crackers and peanuts that are often present,  (after all Moldova does have the highest per capita alcohol consumption in the world) the three that stand out are chechil, chips and fish.

Chechil: Chechil is a smoked and braided cheese, that is peeled (similar to string cheese) and is then served peeled. For more information or to try it yourself visit here.

Chips: While Lays is present here, the flavors are not exactly the same as in the US. One unique and delicious flavor here is Paprika flavored, which is also very common. They also have Bacon flavored chips here that actually look like bacon, although the meat content on them is zero.

Fish: Dried and salted fish is a super common snack to go with beer here and one that I have yet to be able to stomach.


Note: If you were to be drinking congac or vodka here you would likely chase shots of these with a pickle or other pickled vegetable or fruit. (Yes, they pickle watermelon here.)


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