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Close of Service Conference

Last week was spent at my COS (Close of service conference) where we discussed expectations prior to, during and after service. We also discussed the process of leaving and reacclimating to the US.

We discussed return and I was somewhat surprised to find that many of my fellow volunteers were also nervous about coming home and not having a common language of shared experiences, perspective; of not having loved ones understand, related or want to hear about your service, Moldova or how you’ve changed in the last two years.

I feel fortunate that I have been able to see several friends and family during my service and share Moldova with many of them. I also feel fortunate to be from and returning to the Northern Virginia area, where the majority of people have more international awareness and a wider worldview than perhaps many in other parts of the country. (Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.)

During COS we also had a chance to share a moment of impact – something from our service – a funny story, a touching moment, someone we would miss or what we are thinking of. Instead of sharing here what I shared there, I plan to do an entire post about some of my many moments of impact here – because in two years here, there’s been a surprising number. For now, enjoy the video below that encapsulates, more or less, the Peace Corps experience.




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2 thoughts on “Close of Service Conference

  1. Loved it! Saw many familiar faces. Can’t wait to have you home.

    Posted by Pat Altenburger | April 30, 2015, 10:26 am


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