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When I came to Moldova, I didn’t know much more than the average person about human trafficking. I couldn’t have told you details of how it works, of the forms it takes, or who are the targets.I certainly could not have told you that Moldova ranks 6th in the world as a feeder country for trafficking victims.

I would probably have been at least skeptical if you had told me the number of people working here, pretending to be fashion scouts, photographers, recruiters – who were not legitimate. If you had told me that any given day walking down the street, entering my building, I would see advertisements for work abroad, no experience necessary, visa provided, travel provided – all free of charge of course – all promising a better life, offers that are in fact, too good to be true.

Before I came here, I couldn’t have identified any of the many seemingly innocuous ways that girls here are tricked into going abroad and ending up trafficking victims. Now, I not only know about lots of these tactics, statistics and the widespread lust for life abroad that makes them possible, but I have worked through various events, educational sessions, research and fundraisers to help raise awareness, help those who have been victims and hopefully change the game for the traffickers.

This December I am participating in the Dressember Campaign. This campaign asks participants to wear a dress everyday of December, to help raise awareness and collect money to fight against human trafficking. From the money collected over the course of the month 100% will go to the International Justice Mission (IJM).

I normally don’t participate in things where I ask people to donate money but this is a campaign that I am truly passionate about because it helps bring awareness to the abuse of women and girls but also to the human trafficking issue here in Moldova.

What happens to these young girls and women is appalling and they suffer without a voice. So help me take a stand, to fight for the dignity of women and to give those who don’t have a voice a chance to be heard.

Below is my link for my fundraising page where you can read more about what I am doing and more behind the campaign. Thank you in advance for any help, a little goes a long way and will help give millions of women and girls their voices back!!




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