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Truşeni, Chişinău, Moldova

Last week, I had two days of trainings and one day of meetings in Chisinau. Instead of commuting up and back from Balti each day, I stayed with a friend in a village about 35 minutes outside Chisinau. The first night there we got to enjoy some great weather and a short walk around, unfortunately it rained the other nights, which lead to me having quite muddy shoes and pants at the end of my visit.

Here are some pictures of the village:

A street in the village

A street in the village

Looking out over the village

Looking out over the village

A hallway in the school

A hallway in the school


The trainings I attended were quite interesting – they were for new OPGs (older persons groups). These are groups of retirees who are still able to be active and who are trained to volunteer helping other elderly, less mobile people in their communities. Their work with these elderly involves socializing, helping around their homes and gardens and some simple medical monitoring, such as heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels.

One of the most interesting parts of the training was about seasonalities of illness. This involved tracking weather, work, expenses and other factors to create a graphic that depicted when times were hardest in Moldova. Attending this training gave me a lot of ideas for the youth trainings I will be implementing next month with youth from villages who will work with elderly.

A seasonal graph one group made.

A seasonal graph one group made.

The training participants

The training participants


About I think about that every day

I guess this blog will be a really long answer to the generic 'about me' question.


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