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Best Eats: Zeama

Zeama (Zama) is a traditional Moldovan soup – it’s made and eaten year round, its light and usually a lunch dish. I would say that the closest american equivalent is chicken noodle soup, but even your grandmother’s homemade version doesn’t reach zeama standards.

Zeama is light and flavorful, it is made with a chicken broth, noodles and a whole chicken, I’ve yet to have zeama at home where the chicken wasn’t fresh from the house. The soup also has a lots of vegetables – onions, finely chopped, carrots, diced, potatoes usually cubed, lots of parsley, diced, some pepper and salt, sometimes some tomatoes, vegetables or other spices.

This soup was my lunch almost every day of PST, but it somehow was always perfect. It’s was always served with a side of bread and salt, as is traditional on any Moldovan table. But my favorite way to eat it, is with a large dollop of sour cream on top and after having dipped a cut hot pepper into it – which gives it a little spice. If you’re interested in trying to make it at home – a recipe is available here.




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One thought on “Best Eats: Zeama

  1. You eat soup? Who are you?

    Posted by pat altenburger | November 26, 2013, 3:24 pm

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