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Este toamna in Moldova

Fall on centeral Balti

Fall on central Balti

It’s fall in Moldova and it seems like overnight the leaves here have changed. The temperatures dropped to fall ones (~50 F) a few weeks ago, seemingly overnight and my body is still adjusting – it seems like I’ve had a cold for weeks.

Regardless, of my cold, I’ve been enjoying the way fall looks in Moldova and on Balti, specifically.  The yellow leaves seem to be permanently stuck to my shoes, but they make the city center here storybook beautiful.

The biggest change here though isn’t the temperatures or leaves, but the time it’s started to get dark. By seven in the evening here its dark and I’ve begun to adjust my days accordingly.

I’ve found if I want to ensure getting a run in, I need to go before work. While there are still many mornings where leaving my warm bed and heading into the dusk is more challenge than I’m able to overcome; every time I do go I love the peace of the early morning,  the way the air feels, the calm of people’s movements around me, the almost silence. I love waking up with the town, getting my morning jolt from running, feeling my brain and body awake as I run.

It seems my iPod has sensed fall arriving as well and the holiday music seems to self-select on the shuffle function. It’s a reminder every time one of these songs comes on, that the colder weather also means holiday season is approaching. While Moldova does not have an equivalent holiday to Halloween or Thanksgiving, I am enjoying planning celebrations of both these holidays with my sight mates.

Around 6p by my office.

Around 6p by my office.


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2 thoughts on “Este toamna in Moldova

  1. Take care and be careful!

    Posted by Juanita edmonds | October 21, 2013, 2:34 am
  2. I love how you describe waking up mentally and physically on your early morning runs. Keep it up girl! It’s getting cold here too… glad to hear you have some holiday jams to warm you up!

    Posted by megan k | October 29, 2013, 5:32 am

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