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Tomorrow, I will head down to Chisinau for two events celebrating 20 years of Peace Corps in Moldova. The first event, Storytellers, was organized by other PCVs to allow 16 people to share their experiences relating to Peace Corps Moldova. These presenters will include former PCVs, Program Managers, Country Directors, work partners, host families, NGO workers and government officials. In addition to the 16 presenting there are many more people who created videos of their stories to share. I feel fortunate that at the beginning of my service I get to attend an event like this, a reminder of the difference PCVs can and have made here.

The second event, which is on Thursday, is the official swearing-in for the M28 PCVs. Since this is the 20th Anniversary of Peace Corps in Moldova, in addition to the usual swearing-in festivities, including a traditional dance and song preformed by some of the volunteers and speeches in both Russian and Romanian by PCVs, there will be several American and Moldovan dignitaries in attendance.

I have included two videos below, the first describing in more detail what the storytellers event is and the second is a story from a former peace corps volunteer (RPCV).


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