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Anastasia joacă pian

It’s hard to believe that it has been just over two weeks here, but so far so good!  I love the area I’m in, the language is coming along, the people I’ve met so far (both Moldovans and Americans) are awesome, we’ve had some really, really interesting training sessions (and a few really tedious ones) and I’m even enjoying taking the Rutieras (buses that seat 17 passengers, but usually have about 35-40 people crammed on them!).

I’m heading out for a run (jog-walk) in a few and then head over to the cafe (it’s almost 6:30p here, seven hours ahead of EST) to hang out with some of the other PCVs.

Wishing everyone a great Friday!

This is a video of my host sister Anastia playing the piano. She is a really great singer as well, but so far will not let me videotape her singing (she’s a little shy, sometimes).


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2 thoughts on “Anastasia joacă pian

  1. Happy Friday to you too… I am headed home on Monday!

    Posted by Juanita edmonds | June 22, 2013, 2:24 pm


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