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Leaving the states

I’m leaving the hotel in Philly right about now to travel to Moldova so I wanted to include some general info and a final goodbye. We’ll be flying out of JFK through Munich and eventually into Chisinau. When I get there I promise to make it my priority to update you all as soon as possible on my first impressions.

There is no way I can leave without saying thank you again. I could give a list of shout outs here, but it could not begin to do the past two months justice. I can not imagine being more blessed with a greater group of people in my life – the support, love, compassion and understanding you have all shown me is incredible and inspirational to me as I begin this next chapter. I have a million amazing memories to take with me – over the past months I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of moments where my only though was, my cup runneth over. I truly am unbelievably blessed in every way and so grateful to you all. I look forward to reading the emails you all will (hopefully) send me updating me on your lives – I  really do want to hear about all of it and will post my address and wish list as soon as possible.

Thank you so much, I love you, miss you already and please remember that even though I may not be with you physically, I am always thinking of you and with you in spirit.  Goodbye for now and as always I am wishing you all the very, very best – you deserve it.


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4 thoughts on “Leaving the states

  1. ugh, much love reah. live laugh lolz.

    Posted by AC | June 7, 2013, 12:35 am


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