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I used to think about it every day


Its been three months since I’ve been home from Israel. Like I said before when I first got home, I felt like I had left my heart there. I can only imagine how melodramatic that sounds, but there’s no other way to describe it.

I checked my facebook so many times a day, looking at pictures from the trip, seeing what my trip mates were up to. I would check the Jerusalem Post website in anxiety. I cried. I cried more during and after that trip that I’ve cried in the last ten years combined. I was just so overwhelmed. It wasn’t a scary, panic-y overwhelmed, it was this pervading calm. It was an overwhelming sense of peace. It was as if everything was sharper, every moment, every emotion, but somehow like none of them were that bad. This clarity.  Sometimes I still feel it, but I’m not floating in that feeling the way I was when I returned.

And I don’t check Jerusalem Post obsessively, I don’t even check it every day, but when I do and when there have been rockets fired or a bombing as there almost always is, I say the same small prayers and I look on the map of Israel to pinpoint where it was.


A few of my favorite girls from the trip, Carrie, Maya, Katie, Ariella and Ella, standing in front of the dome of the rock.

Photo credit for this and so many other of my favorite pictures from this trip goes to Katie Issacman.


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